Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can't wait for Sex with Dr. Drew !

I know I usually rant about some crazy religious or sexual practice but this time it's personal...
My two favorite things are now combining...
Dr. Drew Pinsky & Sex!

In his sexy tight blue dress shirt, Dr. Drew has signed on with VH1 to do a new Celebrity Rehab except this time it's for Sex Addicts! (According to the Hollywood Reporter & Dr. Drew himself on a recent episode of Chelsea Lately when interviewed by Chelsea Handler.)

Anyone who has listened to Dr. Drew on his long running Radio show, Love Line, knows that he is all to familiar with many sexual disorders, diseases, & scenarios. And is sure to give a breadth of knowledge & insight to all of the viewers and hopefully the patients (if their addiction doesn't get them first).

On last season of 'Celebrity Rehab', it was clearly illustrated that the real reason behind many drug/alcohol addictions was due to some sort of sexual or emotional abuse during childhood. Amber Smith, opened up about becoming an escort in order to make money to obtain more drugs & Tawny Kitaen about being sexual assaulted as a child. If you didn't see it, go watch it now on iTunes.

Well this has already happened once with Dr. Drew's after school special show called "Sex with Mom & Dad". On the show, Dr. Drew helps teens & at-home twenty somethings sort out their already blooming sexual problems and opens up communication lines between them and their parents. Another great Dr. Drew project!

Dr. Pinsky is the sexiest doctor I've ever seen and also one of the smartest people I've ever listened to or read, SO, Go get his new book "Mirror Effect" NOW!

Would it kill ya to read something on actual paper and NOT a computer screen for 5 seconds. It's a juicy celebrity dish, easy-read book, and you may actually learn a little about your own narcissism. Yes you are narcissistic too.

And since we're talking about addiction... FUJI MINX "Cat Wine":

Be back soon, Sinners!

Dr. Drew is my God Now!
Your MC,


  1. Nice I will tune in and look to audition for the show!!!! : )

  2. haha nice. They already casted for this season infact one of the contestants, Keri Ann Peniche (former Miss Teen USA who lost her crown b/c she posed for playboy) has already been kicked out for being violent.