Friday, April 2, 2010

My Easter Letter to the Catholic Church - Sexual Abuse: A Worldwide Epidemic

OMG the shit has really hit the fan with Our Father who Art in Rome.

Sex Scandals abound the countrysides of Ireland, the United States, Germany and more, as the Catholic Church tries to urgently scurry into action to stop more victimizing...oh I mean make changes to their policies...ur I mean write letters. That's right, thousands upon thousands of children, women, and men all over the whole have been and continue to be molested, sodomized, raped, bullied, mentally & physically abused by their patriarchal authority figures and mentors and all that the Pope can think to do is...write a letter. Well this is MY letter.

Not only is this traumatizing and ruining the lives of thousands of people, but it's creating an abuse cycles that will be hard broken. Trauma creates trauma. Many people who are sexually abused (on average 1 in 4 people), will in some way continue the abuse cycle onto their children, in their relationships with lovers and with their friends, and many form drug & alcohol addictions to cope with the trauma and un-channeled anger and feelings of worthlessness and despair.

So... If I was the pillar of a religious organization, one who preaches to be "the word of God", and your god is an awesome, loving, and/or jealous God. I think that after hearing one instance of such abuse, I would be so sickened. Outraged that a "man of the cloth" had abused his power, had performed things that we call sinful & heinous, had performed what the church would call homosexual acts that we condemn, and had also performed all of these things to God's children, the Lambs of God. I would be compelled by fury of God himself to not only deliver an immediate worldwide speech to my congregation, condemning this man and immediately excommunicate him, but also to punish him as biblical but as legal as possible. A letter...decades, years, weeks, or days after such event...doesn't quite suffice in my book.

Now. It's up to the people. Put down your Health Care banner, and pick up this one. I implore you. If you are a Catholic. Ask yourself WHY. WHY am I a part of this organization? That's all it is. A Non-Profit Organization that rapes, beats, sodomizes, intimidates, steals, & murders. And if it's because you are afraid to die? Guess what. You're gonna die. We all are. We are all going to fucking die. Get over it. Live your life NOW. Be a good Person, be kind to all, do your best to reach your goals, have empathy for people, and just do your fucking best. If you need to pray, PRAY! It's also called Meditation or Positive thinking and it works. You have the power to create your own destiny and make decisions about everything you do. If you're a serial killer or sociopath, that's another story, but don't worry, we'll find you eventually. Or maybe You should stay in the Catholic Church and everyone else can leave.

Still not convinced? Still want to go pray in the brick building on Sunday? If this helps YOU be a better person, then so be it. If you believe what you believe, you don't need this church. A building or an organization doesn't make you go to heaven, if you believe in heaven, God does. But you wont stop. You'll continue to go, just as your parents did, and their parents. You'll continue to say the chants, bow to the men in the robes, and look up in fear of the big wooden cross. Hoping that one day, this will all pay off. The ultimate spin on the religious roulette wheel. In that case, Happy Easter and Don't forget to bring the kids.

For a list of all of the current world-wide abuse scandals of the Catholic Church. Read this article on BBC News:

Until Next Time Sinners,
Your MC

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