Thursday, July 1, 2010


SO according to this event on Facebook (SEE HERE), July is Atheist Blasphemy Month.

And here is what this event organizer has to say...
"The religious community consistently seeks to ban images that are offensive to them. Do you have a religious symbol that offends you? A cross? A star of David? Islamic Sickle? You can use the same venue to report an offensive image as the religious do, so use this time to exercise your rights as a member of the Facebook Community."

Now, I don't believe one group of individuals should hate on another for personal gain, which I know is usually the major agenda for alot of religious organizations (not necessarily their congregation). But the Atheist community is a minority community, and just like the gay community, needs to stand up for their rights. But Atheist is very specific, and there is a much larger group here to consider...all of the people that don't believe in God or at least don't worship one or those who don't subscribe to any religion at all...basically the "undecideds", the "i don't knows", and the "i don't cares". What are they to do this month?

Well of course, I'll tell you. You exercise your rights as well. If someone is stopping you from living your life in a peaceful and free way, exercise your rights as a neutral party individual and speak out for your right to not choose, or your right to not subscribe to a particular belief system or agenda.

Since YouTube (a private company) banned my video, clearly for it's religious context, then I want to exercise my right of free speech and bring to everyone's attention that YouTube (aka Google) has a hidden religious agenda and they are another organization that is a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. And that is my right. But it is also YOUR right to be able to view this video and judge for yourself. Why not just have the video have an 18+ warning on it?
Clearly they love the pope. They allowed this video...which is FULL of boobies: WATCH HERE

And for those who didn't see it... my video!

So for the month of July, go be a "sinner"! Speak up for yourself, especially you non-religious types!! Everybody let their freak flag fly. Oh And Share "The Music Made Me Do It" video, just for funsies.

Have a fun month sinner!


  1. It's interesting Google bitch about China censoring them.

    Do as I say not as I do.

  2. I must say that my heart hurts a bit to see sweet, cute Gretchen left Covington and lost GOD. Oh well, I hope your ok and I wonder what happened to push you away from the church...

  3. The YouTube video you linked to has also been removed, which was disappointing. But I'm sure their boobies weren't as nice as yours.

  4. The danger with these social media/networking sites is that they claim to promote community when it seems they're really promoting a certain kind of community. Weak.

  5. Nice video! Real boobies :) I've tweeted your video to "anti-Christ" people. They loved it!

  6. My dad has been 'picking holes' in religion for a while now, and likes to post anti-christ things on forums and see what people say about it. He pointed me to this video and I absolutely love it, and the fact that YouTube removed it really brings into question what kind of prejudice world we're living in. It's just like the upraor about Madonna's 'Like a prayer' video.