Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Original Sin

Hello Sinners!
This is the first post of a new series of social & political & psychological ramblings, photos, news articles, debates and much more, that I will be embarking on and hopefully you will come along for the journey.

This blog is about sexuality and things are are still considered taboo in the deeply religious, separatist Orange County, American society I live in. My point of view, from a recovering catholic truth-seeker.

I encourage you all to comment and leave your opinions on this blog and say whatever you wish. I encourage you to ask questions either anonymously or not. All sides are welcome to participate in the debate.

Peace Be with You,


  1. I used to be a masturbating catholic, now I'm single.

  2. YAY.

    As a fellow so-cal recovering Catholic and fan of creative sex, I am stoked on your new blog. Feel free to solicit inspiration from the post-papist dirtiness that is my subconscious.


    --Louis Repucci

  3. Haha Thanks Louis! And Italian too!