Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guest Blog From The Bastard Fairies

With the Pope once again confirming his ignorance by proclaiming that same sex marriage and abortion are the most "Insidious and dangerous" threats to the world today, one has to wonder if the Nazi quips leveled against him are actually pretty on the money. Hitler himself drew comparisons with his own push across Europe and the way Manifest Destiny was enacted in the America's. A large part of this was the proselytizing of the Catholic message, coupled of course with the threat of death if those being preached to did not comply.

The culmination of the westward thrust came during the 1890s, when the final Indian wars were over and the threat of the natives was made redundant. We are now 120 years on from that point and while the Catholic church may have lost its warring mentality with the onset of widespread democracy, it still holds a worrying influence on the susceptible minds of the believing public.

Imagine a Nazi regime that had won and maintained its influence of belief in the blue eyed purity of the Aryan race. 100 years on from world war II, in an evolved world - would this Nazi party of future times resemble the Catholic church of our time?. We can look at the Nazi policies as outlandish, but they are easily comparable to Catholic church policies spanning the last 500 years in their perverse quest for twisted justice.

The bible is so full of holes and so wonderfully contradictory that if the Pope understood that his organization, with all its flaws, was very much of this world and not based in the numinous, he could make steps to turn this debacle around.

For instance Mathew 26:24 has Jesus stating that "Woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born." This passage is surely advocating abortion, if we are to utilize those same interpreting tactics of traditional Catholicism. Furthermore any version of the "love thy neighbor" theme could be construed as an endorsement of gay marriage.

However this has never been about bible interpretation, or the word of God, it is about power, and money, and the Pope's very huge, earthly ego which makes him believe he actually is infallible from the persecution of public opinion and stately laws.

Thankfully, those of us who are not drawn to such whimsical tales of yore, can see this archaic belief system teetering towards the beginning of the end. We must also understand to facilitate this downfall it may be better at this time to take a more softly softly approach to ushering people away. A helping hand in the opposite direction of sacred sperm and Sunday mass, and not too much emphasis on the parishioners rather doltish decisions of the past.


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