Tuesday, May 11, 2010


WOW! Aw our little baby Bene had learn a new word today... "Terrifying!"
YAY!!! Aw that's such a big word for such a little guy. Although Terror is nothing new to the Catholic Church, at least he used it in the context of describing the rality he has seen regarding the abuse "scandals".

Well... let me just say..REALLY? Really Pope? It's suddely terrifying now, but it wasnt so Terrifying when you were privy to the abuse and signing letters, and assisting in transfers or preists >you knew were molesting children to new cities so they could then molest new children for a while until they got caught again. And it also wasn't so terrifying to you when your closest friends and other high holy men were outed as part of a gay prostitution ring with teen boys. But now all of a sudden, it's terrifying.

Hmmm, Maybe you're terrified that you're about to be out of a job. Maybe you're terrified of not living in a palace under the guise that you are the man on earth whom is above all others and has a private chat line directly to God. Maybe you're terrified of people like me, calling yu out on your bullshit! Maybe you're afraid that other religions will rally behind an anti-theist such as me, to watch you go down to strenthen their own communities. Maybe you're terrified, that since we all found out that Mother Theresa didnt believe in God, that you don't have a miracle or a new Saint to throw at us to distract from the truth, Maybe you're afraid of your deep, dark, dispicable and disguisting secrets getting discovered as well...and I'm sure you've got some good ones. Well baby Bene, here's a new word... CLUSTERFUCK. You're sitting in the middle of one right now.

Well let me help you. Say 10 Haily Mary's and 2 Our Father's for every time a child, or any person, was abused, raped, sodomized, used, beaten, or worse. And then, I'm sure God will forgive you. He always does. But will they? And will we?

-Your MC,


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