Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Pope Bendydick learn a second word!!

Well well our little boy is growing up... The Pope learned a first word back in may when describing the hundreds of sexual abuse allegations that have befallen the church (Read about THAT word HERE)

But as the outer bits of the kingdom start to crumble, Bendydick learns a new word "Outrage!". Yes the Pope is OUTRAGED that the graves of two archbishops were raided as part of the entire police investigation in Belgium this week. So... Hundreds, maybe thousands, of children, women, and men have been beaten, mentally and sexually abused from officials and holy men within the church in the past 100 years, (let's not even discuss what the Catholic Church did before that, we don't have all century) and now that two of your people get violated after they are already dead, you are outraged. Well Well, that certainly is interesting and I'm sure not infuriating at all to any for the victims who simply asked for an apology from you, and they never got it.

Popey, if you believe in Karma or at least the Golden Rule, there is alot more violation in your future, because you got one major ass-fucking coming your way.

I hope holy water also works as lube.

Till next time sinners,
your MC, Gv

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